Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fitness Monitoring Day 98: 26th November 2011

Really bad progress.

Another 2 months, and no progress from where I left off since my last post.

The only thing that's changed is my work out routine.

1) I barely workout daily now a days. The only up side is that I increased my cardio (steppers) to 30 minutes from the original 20 minutes. But weights are dropped to just 3 sets each per session.

2) Rarely swim.

3) And I am not so strict with my food intake. In terms of quantity.

This is really bad progress. I was hoping to at least drop till 90kg by now.

Gotta work harder in the ensuing months.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fitness Monitoring Day 37: 27th September 2011

I feel sick this morning, but still compelled to sweat a little. My viral infection (Caused by a combination of things, triggered by severe food poisoning) was at its peak the last 2 days, and for that I missed out 2 full days of workout.

A very interesting morning, I saw a late 60's grandma operating a treadmill. I was worried at first, she was quite bulky, and slow moving, but nevertheless was pretty impressed when she got the thing started at the very least. Even more impressed seeing her do a short face-paced walk. This granny rocks. (Sigh~ Thinking about this reminds me of my late grandma in Penang, but more about that some other time, when I am able to fully come to terms on her passing).

Back to fitness monitoring. The last I checked, my weight has dropped to 96-97 kg. It's a total of more than 10 kg since I started exercising more than half a year back. My vigorous gym routine started like about a month ago, however, prior to that my swimming routine started the weight loss, and did give me significant results. It's just that after nearly 10 kg, swimming alone just didn't quite cut it any more. I was advised by a colleague/fitness instructor that sweating is the key.

Overall, I am quite happy with the results I have achieved, and am still working hard to further lose weight. My body has started taking better shape, and that in turn has done quite well to boost my overall confidence.

The only sad part is that I had to reduce my gym routine. My body could not take the strain and I am constantly feeling fatigue. Previously I opted to go for 2 gym sessions per day. Each with the equal amount of exercise routines. Then I started reducing it about a week ago, and now I think... it's feasible to just do the whole thing once a day. I think it should be plenty enough without compromising my health.

Shall continue to work hard, eat well, etc... Also, I hope to get all other aspects of my life back in shape. Right now, I lack balance in a lot of other departments.

On a side note, I started exploring my sexuality of late. My latest adventure was venturing into a gay sauna/spa nearby.

A gay sauna/spa is not like conventional ones where clients get pampered by a myriad of rejuvenating offerings like massages, face lifts, etc... In short, it's a place where normal gay guys would gather... and have sex with each other.

I have heard of these spas before, but only in Singapore. For some time, I wanted to just go to the place and open my eyes, but going all the way to Singapore just for that is a tad silly. It would make a really expensive affair too. After some research and by word of mouth, I found one nearby. And off I went on a Sunday afternoon. Even when my viral infection was taking effect.

There are daily themes for the spa. On Sunday, all patrons are required to either don only underwear/swimwear/of if they are so bold, nothing at all. For MYR 25 (If you're a first time member, you need to pay MYR 10 for a lifetime membership fee), you are provided a condom/a small pack of lube and a small towel (Just the size of a loin cloth). You are also provided a locker key to store your belongings.

The rule is that you have to strip down into the conditioned attire. For me, it was just my speedo swim/gym shorts. I looked at myself in the mirror and was actually quite happy with my body shape. Off I went pass the shower room.

The place was dimmed. And I saw a couple of men sitting around with just their small towel covering their dicks. They were in shaped. The shower room is segregated into hot/cold shower areas. Each with 2-3 shower heads. There's also a mini bar where patrons can order light snacks and drinks. On that very same floor, there's also a mist room and a really dark room (Not sure what's the purpose of said dark room), and a leisure room, where patrons can surf the net or watch gay porn being played.

Then I ventured 1 floor down, where the action supposedly takes place. It was really dark down there, and the music was blaring. There's a 'gym' room (Though it lacks any sort of equipment other than a sit up bench), and a lot of 'private' rooms (Stalls really, and the size of fitting rooms like the ones found in clothing boutiques) where men would do their thing.

The crowd was still light the time I arrived, however, it started growing half an hour through. Lots of men started pouring in, most of them who were in shaped, and some who weren't. There were a couple of old dudes, but mostly young guys my age/some younger.

Throughout I just sat alone @ the gym room. The room was rarely occupied, I figured I would get peace of mind there. Most of the guys would hang out at the corridors leading towards the private rooms, waiting to be 'off-ed'. It was interesting, Malaysian men are indeed the shy bunch, most of them would take their 'adventures' into the private rooms. None would do it in the open.

In short, I really wasn't interested to get into any sort of action that day, after hanging out for about an hour and a half, I left. I wasn't even sure if any guys were signaling me. My radar was tuned off that day. Heck, I saw some hot ones that I would normally be interested in, but I just didn't get high throughout my stay there, didn't get a boner even.

Does this mean I am not gay after all? Or am I just not into casual sex with random men? Not sure, but all in all, it was a good eye opener for me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Upper Arm Tattoo

Never really been a fan of tattoos as far as I can remember. Why would anyone wanna ruin their perfect bodies with graphics on their skin?

What if you grow old and your body starts sagging? Wouldn't the tattoos look fugly then?

That is, until now. I kinda changed my mind, at least for certain kind of tattoos.

I have been thinking of getting one for my right upper arm, with some sort of tribal design around it. In my opinion it's really hot, I just get turned on seeing a shirtless guy with it. There's just something about the whole upper arm with an encircling tattoo that gives me a mind-orgasm. I would totally fuck the guy with one (Of course certain other conditions apply lol)

What do you think? An example below (Of course I wouldn't want anything else other than that mentioned.).

Fitness Monitoring Day 1: 22nd August 2011

Note: This isn't me. haha. But I hope I would have that bod next time. AND a man like that. Lol.

I have been swimming vigorously (well, by my standards of course, don't compare me with the professionals LOL!) for almost half a year now. Although I did lose 'some' weight, the entire endeavor had come to a stand still after sinking to a particular weight (I shan't reveal cause it's embarassin! Lol).

So now I have taken the advice of a few (Yes, Nick and Dav included) and hitting the tracks and gyms. the key to losing weight now is to do a lot of cardio and sweat excessively).

Thus far I have been consistent for nearly a week. There isn't much progress yet, but I have so far been able to condition my mind to work through the regime I have set for myself, slowly increasing the duration and intensity while I am at it.

The most important factor to any successful workout is fashioning your mind and adapting to the discomforts of initially picking up on a workout. I was never the type of guy who enjoys running nor gym-ming. My previous efforts in going through the gyming process has proven very unsuccessful due to the constant strain I would obtained from each workout, I would give up midway and be on a long term hiatus, till my membership nullifies.

All-in-all it was a waste of time and money. And I didn't even lose a single kg after going through rather 'consistently' for a month. To be fair, I have not been controlling my food intake very well that time, so that too attributed to the stagnant weight.

After all that, I have successfully implanted the consistency I need to go through my swimming routine. I started out swimming 30 laps in the 25 meter pool, then increased it to 50, and lastly to 100. All the while not once wanting to quit.

It's fair to say that now I have cultivated an urge to power through my daily workout. Moving on, I am doing something totally I hate doing the last time, running and gyming (via my condo's facilities). It's been good so far, I would now wake up at 5.30am in the morning to start my routine.

First, running around the pool for about 20-30 minutes, that would cover a rough 2 km. Yeah I know it's not much, but it keeps the heart pumping and most importantly, I sweat like hell. A good warm up I would say. Followed by 3 * 30 ab crunches (Upper and lower abs each) spaced out in between, 3 * 30 chest presses (butterfly and vertical chest presses each) and 10 minutes on the stepper machine.

The entire workout took me at the least an hour.

I repeat, it's not much. But for now I am happy that I am being consistent, and I shall amped up my workout with a mixture of other routines soon. I even tried doing this twice a day (Once in the morning, and once at night after work), but I got so drained in the end, almost fell sick for over-doing it. I guess I need to limit myself a little bit until my body is able to fully accept what's to come. I would probably do this on Fridays and Saturdays.

On a side note:

Working out at 5am in the morning is actually pretty... liberating. I would normally run and gym shirtless. There's just something very sexual through the entire affair. Especially when hitting the machines (Particularly chest presses), I noticed the Nepalese guard at the registration booth sneeking peeks each time I flex my chest muscles, and to be honest, I kinda like the attention.

It would all be so much better if my body has reached its peak condition. This would intensify the whole feeling of working out shirtless. And most importantly, the confidence gained from all that would just be so awesome. I wouldn't shy away doing it in a crowd next time.

Currently eye-ing a man named Tom (not sure if it's a real name) frequently gyming between 8pm - 9.30pm. He's chinese, man-ly looks and most importantly a smoking hot body (Saw him doing bench presses shirtless once). So far I haven't the courage to say hi, but it would come to that soon, I hope.

Adios~ muchachos, senoritas!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

My rating of the movie in facebook of 6/5 was pre-mature. I based it on the russian audio version I flipped through one night. After watching the full English version, I was rather disappointed with how little exposition there was in regards to many unanswered questions throughout the series.

Many key scenes in the booked were left out completely from the movie. There were so many pointless moments E.g. the purgatory King-cross station scene with Dumbledore speaking in riddles rather than explaining events. Wasted moments.

Other than coowl action sequences, the finale was rather lackluster. They could have amped up the emotion.

Now looking back at Part 1 and 2, I would say the split was done as a major cash cow. There's no other explanation to it.

Deathly Hallows as a whole. 3.5/5.

I did enjoy the Neville Longbottom scenes. He's such a bad ass in his own right! And the major hottie of the movie!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dream Chronicles: Glee

My dream was pretty vivid last night. But the highlight was this.

I was Finn Hudson from Glee (below)...

Chasing after Rachel Berry from Glee (Below):

In which after much persuasion and emotional roller coaster, she agreed to my advancement. And after that, we sang a song together where we achieved perfect harmony in our duet.

More over, we broke into dance too (albeit a badly choreographed one hahahhaa) with the rest of the Glee gang. I even saw Sam Evans in there. ;-)

Chord Overstreet (Who plays Sam Evans in Glee Season 2), is my first Glee Crush. Next is Darren Kriss (Who plays Blane)

A very strange dream indeed, but when I woke up, I was longing for that emotion I had in the dream.

Wow... first time I'm wearing the pants int he relationship, and enjoyed it too. hahaha.

Friday, June 03, 2011

X-men First Class

First off... you just need to tell yourself that this is a reboot of the series, no matter what the producers claim. There's just too many continuity problems to even think that this is a true prequel. I won't even bother listing the plot holes.

Now that we have established the above, I would just like to say First Class is an AWESOME movie! I give it a 6/5. The highest I have ever given any movie.

There's just too many hot guys to set your sights upon. Michael Fassbender's Magneto is just TOO Delicious!